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Pourquoi vous allez aimer Flip Grater

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Pourquoi vous allez aimer Flip Grater

Kiwi songstress Flip Grater took her guitar to Europe, she slept on couches, took in the sights and must-sees of Europe, performed her music in London, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Italy, Copenhagen, Sweden - and ate some great food. The book describes the places, people and experience of touring. It includes recipes from Flip herself or from people she stayed with and audience members. With the book comes a CD featuring five of Flip's songs from her last two albums.

Singer-songwriter Flip Grater was 15 when she discovered the joys of cooking; she wrote her first song two years later. By 27, Flip had released two albums on her own label, Maiden Records, and had published her first book, The Cookbook Tour: Travels in New Zealand food and music. Join her on The Cookbook Tour Europe.


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